Monday, April 09, 2007

The Return of the King

Well, it's not that big...I guess. I've been on the DL for three months with what doctors have been calling, "Wifekickedmeoutofthehouse-Henderson" disease, or WKOHH, and it laid me up pretty good. I'm happy to say though, I am back in the mood for writing.
One of the unfortunate side effects of WKOHH is that my old Boofy Award is still saved on my old computer's desktop. Crud. I had to find a new trophy, but it's not as good. It's actually what I'm most broken up about following my fight with WKOHH. Oh well. Here goes...

The New Boofy

So, the first recipient of the new Boofy has to be none other than LA Angels closer Francisco Rodriguez. If you've been with us for awhile you know I can't stand the exuberant celebrations that go on in football, and are now starting to show up on the baseball diamond. It's mostly been relegated to closers, with the chest thump and the yelling, and the occasional Yankee or Met batter that hits a walk-off shot and rounds first with his right arm raised in that classless New York way, but Rodriguez has been the worst.

Shit! A spider!!!

He blew a save on Thursday night and had the mope going big time. He rebounded to get the save Friday night, jumping and hollering like he'd been stung by a bee fresh from the jackass hives located in Eric Byrnes' back yard. Fuck dude, just once I'd like to see a guy blow a save and say, "My bad," just clearly enough so us at home could read his lips. Do Mariano Riviera, Trevor Hoffman, or Joe Nathan scream coming off the mound? Of course not. That's why, this week, you douchebag cheating fucktard K-Rod, you have earned the Boofy.

It's nice to be back.


SonDog said...


The You Dumb Bastard award filled in admirably while The Boofy was on the DL, but there is nothing like the original. The YDB was the Ken Dorsey to The Boofy's Alex Smith.

bh said...

Yeah, I've missed the ol' Boof. I think it's missed me too.

the butler said...

I saw a couple things about him cheating...

This one has some good pics of him messing with his hat.