Tuesday, April 10, 2007

People's United Front Against Roger Goodell

I do not like this man. If I saw him in person right now, I would most certainly back-hand him. I normally don't use a whole lot of profane language when I post (my demographic consists of nuns, Mormons, and 8-11 year olds), but today that's about all that's going through my inner dialogue.

"I won't lump all of these incidents into a bowl and deal with it," Goodell said Wednesday. "I'm not trying to send a signal here and make examples of people. We'll do what we need to protect the integrity of the NFL. That's our objective."

Who does this asshole think he is, Jerry fucking Falwell?

Roger Goodell, you are one hypocritical piece of schrute. All of a sudden we're supposed to buy your horse shit statement about "protecting integrity"? What are we, a bunch of ADD little fuck kids that can't remember the past decade?

The "integrity" was fine after Ray Lewis wiggled out of murder charges.

How many games did the entire Minnesota Vikings team miss after their little Love Boat incident?

If Pacman and Henry are suspended for that long, what will happen with the rest of the players who have been arrested in the past year?

Whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty", HUH? Pacman's trial for the Vegas thing HASN'T EVEN STARTED!

Mr. Goodell, I plead with you on behalf of every NFL fan, on behalf of our wonderful (non-dictatorship) nation, please stop concerning your piece-of-shit self with "the integrity of the league", and go jump off the nearest 10-story building.


DMo said...

I agree. Yes the guy is always around trouble but he has never been convicted of shit. Suspending a guy for a year on "suspicions" of doing bad shit is Horse Shit. The talk of a year suspension was message enough to the league, but to actually do it is bullshit. What happens next time a guy gets a DUI in week 15 when they clinch a playoff spot, gone for the playoffs? What if it happened to be Peyton Manning? I bet Roger would be singing a different tune. I could care less about the Titans but this is an outrage. That sucks Butler.

SonDog said...

You just CANNOT suspend a guy because of suspension. True, Pacman has been in more trouble than your average NFL player, but that doesn't mean he should be suspended for the year. I agree with both of you completely. And DMo, you're right about the Peyton Manning thing.

Here's another thought though: What about Tom Brady? So, Pacman makes it rain all over some strippers and gets suspended for a year (oh yeah, there was the whole guy getting shot thing), but "I'm Too Sexy for Myself" Tom Brady impregnates two different women out of wedlock and he gets nothing? Aside from Millions of dollars in upcoming child support payments?

Okay, I'm making no sense now.

SonDog said...

And I meant to say, "You just CANNOT suspend a guy because of SUSPISCION (not suspension). I'm an idiot.


I watch the NFL for ENTERTAINMENT not for a moral lesson. I could give a crap about what they do off field as long as it does not bring harm to others.

Who made Roger Goodell the moral police? Instead of talking about the draft and mini-camps and potential matchups, all the sports shows are talking about this crap.

Lastly no one man should be judge and jury. All of us football fans are suffering from ONE MAN'S OPINION. If he was really serious about checking folks put together a review board with equal amounts of players and owners and one arbitrator to break any ties and have them go before the board.

I saw on another site that we are all at will employees, but even when our boss fires us we don't appeal for our job back to OUR BOSS. We go to HR or some other governing body.

This whole thing or trying to control players morality, along with too much control by refs so players can't even play hard is detrimental to the game.