Sunday, April 08, 2007


Yes, I know. The Giants, as of Sunday morning, are 1-4. They haven't exactly been tearing up the NL West on their way to the first 150-win season in MLB history, instead filling the toilet of baseball in the Sondog wing of the anti-hall of fame.

What's crazy is that I am totally excited about this start. It is the least worried about a 1-4 start I have ever seen. When I watch the 2007 version of the San Francisco Giants, I am watching a team that, including Barry Bonds, is easy to root for. They are, excluding Bonds, generally good guys. They play the game, excluding Bonds, fast. Well, excluding Bonds, Molina, Feliz and Aurillia, but they are much faster than they've been in a while. Dave Roberts is as fun to watch now as he was annoying when he played for the Padres and Dodgers. I still think Omar is the best player I have ever seen. Bonds is a fucking stud and, by the way to all the size matters steroid patrollers, bigger than he was in 2001. Ray Durham has transformed himself into a, well not a cleanup guy, but an effective middle-of-the-order hitter. Aurillia being back is great, even if he is five years removed from being good. When they score a run on offense, it is because someone has been blowing around the bases. I love seeing bombs, but watching a triple develop from your seat is the most exciting thing in sports.

The starters are amazing. Matt Cain is in the top three young pitchers in the game, and Russ Ortiz is back throwing in the low to mid '90s. The bullpen stinks, and along with a powerless offense will be the downfall of this team.

They may go 12-150. Right now, I don't feel like this teeam has found its voice yet. When it does, well, who knows what they hell will happen. At least it's entertaining.


SonDog said...

The starting rotation is solid. Lowry and Morris pitched beautiful games, and they are the question marks. If they keep pitching this way, they'll have a chance to break .500.

SonDog said...

Today hurt.

bh said...

Fuck. Fodger sweep?

DMo said...

I agree, the rotation is the best we have had in years, at least in potential. The pen will get better as the season progresses but will someone shoot Benitez so he isn't allowed to close. I mean C'MON!!!!