Thursday, April 19, 2007


No, it can’t be true. I just heard that Mitch Freaking Mustain will next year wear the red and gold of the USC Trojans. I’m ill. Vomit in my trashcan kind of ill. Salt in the wound. Kick me while I’m down.

How is it that Arkansas (athleticus suckitus) has lost 2 Freshmen football players to USC (pigskin dominatus) this year? Better yet, if they were USC caliber players, how the hell did the Razorbacks get them in the first place?

Good luck to Mitch at USC. Take your year off for transferring while John David Booty (haha, booty) finishes up his career and then have a blast fighting for the starting position with Mark Sanchez, home-grown boy who has been learning the system for 2 years. You lost your starting QB position to Casey Dick with the Arkansas Razorbacks…you really think you’ll play at USC? And to quote my mother, “I hope that douchebag cry-baby never sees a minute of playing time.” Ah, don’t worry ma, he won’t.

I have officially been "Mitch Slapped".


SonDog said...

Did the Hogs have a good recruiting class?

Oh, and WHAT IN THE HELL was your coach thinking with his text messages?

the butler said...

I think he just wants a chance to have sex with Paris Hilton.