Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Madden Curse: You Are Going DOWN!

Mr. Curse, you done picked the wrong man. Need I remind you of the last time you tried to jinx a Tennessee Titan with that voo-doo witch magik? And don't even try to say you got him. The "WWL" had a wee chat with last season's Rookie of the Year just a few hours ago. Too bad you have to pay to read it, all the while clicking the "X" button to get rid of all those damn pop-ups.

Vince Young is going to absolutely crush that curse with his pimpness. After giving due props to his favorite QB to watch as a child, Steve McNair, a guy named Zach (probably Schrutebag in disguise) brings up the curse.

Zach (now that I think of it, it could be this guy...): "Vince, sorry to bring this up, but if you do make the cover are you nervous about the cover curse?"

Mr. Big Pimp Daddy Vince Young: "No not at all, because I am on the cover, and I am not worried about the curse! I am not nervous at all."

BOO YAA! Let me translate that for ya, Zachary:

"You see, son, when you're a big huge pimp daddy, you ain't gotsta be worried about some little punk as voo-doo demon witch magik bull shit."

Quite a bit has been written over the past couple of days about this cover. A campaign to rescue precious nickname-stealing LT (not the original), along with this guy who thinks Peyton should be put on there to break it. As if Peyton could possibly go two straight seasons without choking. Right.

All y'all just sit back and relax. Don't worry your pretty little heads. Bring on the Madden cover. DO YOUR WORST, FAT MAN! Just don't put Pacman in the background anywhere.

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SonDog said...

I'm glad Vince isn't worried, but the rest of the NFL universe is worried.