Saturday, April 28, 2007

Knee Jerk Part II - Titans #19 Overall

After almost getting lucky and landing Michigan CB Leon Hall, the Tennessee Titans select Michael Griffen, Safety from the University of Texas.


Just kidding, he's good. Another Longhorn couldn't hurt.

Most thought the Titans would take either a WR, CB, or DE with this pick. With Johnson and Ginn the only wideouts off the board so far, the Titans surely assume they will able to grab a quality WR in a later round.

Let's hope Griffen provides an upgrade over Lamont Thompson, pairing with Chris Hope to solidify the safety position.


milehighramblings said...

He has dreads too, so it's almost like they're replacing Pacman.

Looks like a hard-hitting brotha'.

the butler said...


We just picked a RB in the second round...


And yes, he has funky dreads as well.

the butler said...

update part deux-

Griffin might see time at CB, Henry looks good, and we got a WR- Paul Williams, Fresno St.

7 more picks tomorrow.

Eric said...

This is a great blog. You guys need to come write for us!

Eric said...

I meant to have my website linked ot my name :/