Sunday, February 03, 2008

Clusterfuck XLII - 2nd half

They handed out lights for the fans on the field for the half-time show? Nothing says psyched for football like a slow song and lights held high in the air.

"Semi-Pro?" I think Will Farrell might be type cast.

The "Plan B" commercials are pretty good.

Man, the twelve men on the field penalty is horseshit. The camera is on Blackburn like crazy.

Fox has gone to Blackburn on the sideline 50 times in the last two minutes.

Brady sacked on 3rd. Incomplete on 4th. So much for the Blackburn-to-blame angle you stupid assholes.

Dude, my power went out during the Wall-E commercial.

Kevin Faulk grabs his hamstring. "You wonder if that's his hamstring," - Buck

Toomer makes a catch, falls to the ground, followed by a Harrison forearm to the back of the helmet. I can't figure out where this dirtiest player idea comes from.

"When would you think a Bill Belichick coached team would have a defense that's underrated?" - SuperTroy. Uh, the last six seasons?

Assante Samuel hops around after breaking up a TD pass in the endzone. Moron. I think that's really the first extra celebration I've seen all game.

Gay breaks up a 3rd down pass . That's Pass Interference during the regular season, since Gay got there early.

The talking baby E-Trade commercial is saved by the baby burping up at the end.

No, seriously. Bud-Light commercials are like Family-Guy. Nothing to do with the subject matter. It's like the ad team for Budweiser knows Budweiser actually tastes like one of the Clydesdales pissed in it. Hey, let's make it funny.

Brady looks so mehish tonight.

Pam Oliver reports that the Giants are getting bananas on the sideline to combat cramps. Great. You are useful.

Brady misses an open Welker.

I just got a text from Sondog asking what I think of the game. Really, it's pretty shitty football, but at least it's close.

End of 4th. The only thing enjoyable about this game is the Giants' defense.

Peyton shot. Even a "little brother" mention from Buck. Yes!

Shockey shot. Yes, the Giants are better without captain fuckface.

This is a Steve Smith coming out party.

Eli TD to Tyree.

Three Peyton shots is the last three minutes.

Frist and Carville? On a Segway? Well done.

"Ya gotta believe if the Patriots are going to have any success moving the football, it's gonna involve Randy Moss." - SuperTroy. Really? Ya gotta believe that if the Patriots want to score quickly they might want to invlove the best reciever in the NFL?

Brady misses an open Moss deep.

Welker does the looking for a flag thing. That's a 15-yarder in the bhNFL. Giants get the ball back.

Eli misses an open Burress after eluding the rush.

Nice stick by Harrison on 3rd down. Fucker.

Jackie Moon? Semi-Pro? Haven't I seen this moving? When it was called 'Talledega Nights?' Or 'Blades of Glory?' Or any Will Farrell sketch on SNL?

"We ask the question: 'Who wanted it more? Vote for Super Bowl MVP at..." Who wanted it more? God, that is stupid.

Welker is going nuts.

Brady misses Moss open for a TD.

Brady throws behind Welker at the 1. 3rd down.

"Brady is cool and calm." - Aikman. Brady's done shit this drive. Yes the Patriots have gone down the field, but because of YAC and Kevin Faulk.

Brady to Moss TD. 14-10 Patriots.

"Drive put together by the game's best...Tom Brady." - Buck. Brady has extra clean testicles.

Peyton shot.

Tyree grab over Harrison. Over. Harrison.

Eli to Plaxico TD. Peyton shot. 17-14 Giants. Pats will get the ball back with under 30 seconds to play.

Brady's first pass is a Romo off his back foot to no one.

Sack by Alford.

Incomplete deep to Moss.

Dolphins montage. Fucking fuck the fucking Dolphin fucks. The Patriots went 18-0, which the Dolphins did not do.

Brady incomplete to Moss. Game over.

Or not. 1 second left. 1 second left? Really? The NFL is going to make them run it off? Rad. Get everyone off the field so Eli can take a knee. Yes. Very good. Now it's over? Okay. Game over. Seems like Belichick could have done the right thing and stayed when it became apparent there was one second left.

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