Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tarnished legacies

Spygate and Clemens. Clemens and Spygate. We should come up with a new name for the Patriots cheating history and NFL cover-up because, as MHR has stated in the past, any controversy or possible conspiracy gets a 'gate' on the end, which sucks. How about something more relevant to the topic and surroundings? Or maybe no name at all? That would be rad, because wonks would have to actually do some work. We'll just call it "The Patriots have been cheating since 2000, which means everything done between then and 2006, with a nod to 2007, will be evaluated with suspicion, enough so that they do not belong in any dynasty debate." That should do it.

Aside from the media types seemingly beholden to Clemens, it was clear to everyone that he came out of yesterday looking like the loser. Well, him and the Republicans. Three of the four people around Roger Clemens, not named Roger Clemens - his wife, Andy Pettitte, Chuck Knoblauch - have confessed to HGH or steroid use as witnessed by Brian McNamee. Clemens is simply not smart enough to continue speaking out of both sides of his mouth, as was demonstrated to death yesterday when being questioned by people much smarter than he. Aside from that, found a body-language expert who's pretty convinced Clemens is a liar.


the butler said...

My favorite parts of the Clemens hearing -

The ugly chick behind Clemens who was sleeping. I mean she was just crashed out in her chair- sleeping hard.

The rat-faced Congressman who banged his gavel at Clemens for his interruption. I've never seen a person look more like a rat. Ever.

bh said...

Dude, I cringe every time the rat-face shows up on a television with "(D)-California" alongside his name.