Monday, February 04, 2008

'He's only giving us 17 points?'

After a night of decompression and disection:

-That was the most exciting Super Bowl in the last 18 years. The Rams/Titans game gets play, but the exciting and hurried finish was on you so fast. Last night, the whole game seemed like a build-up to an exciting end.

-It was not the best football we've seen. Both offenses were pretty blah until the Giants' final drive. The Giants' D had a lot to do with New England's troubles on offense, but Brady missed quite a few open opportunities. At least parity helps encourage an exciting game.

-Oh thank capital G God a whole self-righteous collection of fandom can now shut the hell up. 19-0 a given? Remember this guy?

-Can we but to bed the Tom Brady/Joe Montana comparisons? Please. 60.4% completion, 82.5 rating, 5.5 YPC.

-David Tyree's catch is already being described as one of the greatest of all time, but it's not the new "The Catch." It's up there, but it's not that high up there. Probably the best catch in a Super Bowl though.

-Mercury Morris is obnoxious, and it's too bad shows give this clown airtime.

-There was not one person involved in producing the Sales Genie ads who had the thought, however brief, "Hey these might be pretty racist?" Accents and everything? I mean, those were two super wrong ads, and hopefully, no one will use Sales Genie in the future. Maybe they wanted the racist element in some effort to make them memorable.

-Neither quarterback played better than average last night, but there's some need to assign heroics out there. So today in the media world, it's about all about Eli. Sigh.

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