Monday, February 11, 2008

Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays :(

I just saw a commercial about Subway Jared, followed by a commercial about the jewelry store Jared.

And what the fuck is up with not being able to get online at Starbucks on my phone unless I buy the Sprint access? I can't even access my own network. Dammit that pisses me off.

The San Francisco Giants have addressed their anemic offense by signing...Scott Williamson. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Richard Zednik is one lucky human. (Buffalo News)

Jose Canseco says Brian McNamee is a liar. He's even "1000% sure Roger never showed up at the party." I require 1010% to believe, as long as we're making up percentages. Douche. (USA Today)

Rusty Harden is really fucking things up for his client. Seriously, if Clemens is clean, why is his team working sooooooo hard to win public opinion? If he's clean, he's clean, and let the justice, or investigation process do its thing. (New York Times)

The Clemens P.R. team is pissed that smart people made the Clemens Report look stupid and pointless; almost more incriminating. (New York Daily News/


the butler said...

Dude, don't be that guy posting at Starbucks.... trying to look all businesslike and official and professional...

and GAY!

SonDog said...

Jose Canseco is good at math stuff. Like, a kagilion percent good.