Friday, February 15, 2008

Stinky floors

So I get inside the house in which I'm going to move, the one the ex and I previously lived in but had been renting. Things were alright. I mean, there are a couple things here and there, but no major damages except the floors smell like dog piss and my kid's old room is a different color. When I first bought the house, in June of 2001, I found a huge turd floating in the front bathroom toilet. The previous owners had been dead for a couple years, so wither their son or the guys fixing up the house had left it. Fucking gross, right? When I opened the lid in the master bath yesterday, there was a huge turd floating in the fucking toilet. My understanding of this consists of a series of maybe's:

-it's just a coincidence.
-there is some marking tradition among lifetime renters and people who make repairs to homes of which I was previously unaware.
-renters and repairmen generally need two flushes, yet only hit the handle once and walk away.
-when one presidential administration leaves office, there are all sorts of pranks left for the incoming administration. Clinton's people removed the 'W''s from all executive branch keyboards, drawers were glued shut, stuff like that. Maybe the previous administration is supposed to leave a shitbomb in the toilet for the incoming staff.

[edit: that's a shitty picture. Sorry.]

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