Friday, February 08, 2008

I am Wojo Jojo!

From's Gene Wojiechowski:

"I'm not going to make any comment on it," said Kevin Hart, his voice subdued, almost sad. "I don't mean to be impolite. I'm just going to hang up the phone."

You know what would have been really cool? If instead of "his voice subdued, almost sad," Hackdouche had written, "sounding cheery and upbeat, like he'd just watched the Kramer bus-driving bit while beer-bonging three Jolt colas at the same time." WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT HIM TO SOUND LIKE?!

A moment later, click.

Actually, I've found that one hears a few different noises when on the receiving end of a hang up. There are clicks, but I've also heard a 'doink,' gzonk,' and 'ptink.' And it's hackish to use the 'Enter' key after every sentence. I don't know if I've mentioned that it's pretty hackish. It's a hackish way of trying to inject drama.

What began six months ago as a small, ego-driven lie, somehow gained weight and strength and grew into an uncontrollable hoax. It enveloped a school, a town, a family and maybe a future.

Whoa, that is a big lie. A whole town? Fernley is pretty small - about 20,000 people live there - and it does leave something to be desired, entertainment-wise. But enveloped? I'm picturing two old guys in rocking chairs, on a porch, listening to an old radio and drinking lemonade while overlooking the lone, sad highway that eases through Fernley on it's way to bigger things, brighter lights, and the "Biggest Little City in the...." What? Oh yeah. The idea that Fernley as a whole gave a huge shit about this kid is fucking retarded.

You've got to at least give Hart credit for facing the truth. Not that he had any choice.

That's all there is to that paragragh. And no, you don't really have to give him any credit. Facing the truth when confronted with this huge lie you just told, does not win you any points.



New paragragh.

But there are more important questions to ask, such as, where were the adults in this football horror flick?

That is a good question, but I hesitate to think it's more important than "What the fuck is wrong with this kid?"

Tedford, Bellotti and Ault never set foot in Hart's home, never even contacted the family -- all standard recruiting doctrine when you're trying to sign a kid -- and yet, Hart's parents didn't think something was a little screwy? And wouldn't you think Fernley coach Mark Hodges might have been a teensy bit curious why nobody from Oregon, Cal or Nevada never bothered with a visit, a phone call, a letter to him?

I'm just guessing, but Hart's parents have probably never had a kid recruited by a D-I school, which means they aren't familiar with the ins and outs of college recruiting practices. The same goes for Fernley's head coach.

Fernley High principal Dave Regalado, when reached in his office Thursday morning, declined to comment on the situation. He referred all questions to Teri White of the Lyon County School District. White also was unavailable for comment.

The adults hid, but not Hart's classmates.

The adults are probably concerned about the investigation that's taking place. Right now. In which they might be facing questions themselves. Or maybe they're worried that those who would seek to assign blame or sensationalize an already sensational event are looking for dirt from those in a position of authority or knowledge.

Hall's investigation should be completed by early next week. The findings will be submitted to the district attorney, but Hall said he would be "surprised" if charges were filed against Hart for falsifying a police report.

Makes sense. The one truth in all of this is that nobody can do to Hart what he's already done to himself.

I wish the DA where I live thought that way.

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