Monday, February 04, 2008

Those were good times

Remember when Bill Simmons was kind of funny? That seems like a long time ago. Now he's not funny, not clever, and a little too self-important. There are waaaaaaaaaaaayy too many "we"'s in his Super Bowl column.

Favorite part-of-the-team-fan nonsense quotes:

You bleed for your team,

No, you don't. They bleed for their team.

Of course, there's one catch: You might never get there.

There's actually no chance you will get there...because you are a fan.

I took the approach of "we didn't deserve to win, we sucked, we choked and I'm not getting distraught over this when the city of Boston has won five titles since 2002"

The Patriots should just stop playing, because they've got three titles in six years. I mean, what else is there to prove for Boston fans? This was just going to be icing on the cake, so who really cares? Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah , nyaaaaaaaaahhh. I didn't really get that into this team, 'cause we've got titles already, so this one didn't matter.

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