Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Get ready for some Jesse Jackson

It's being reported that during a noon PST news conference, the Seahawks will announce Jim Mora, Jr. as their head coach beginning in 2009. Apparently it surprises no one around the NFL. Mora is a Northwest guy, and didn't warm the heart of Arthur Blank when he called the University of Washington head coach position his, "Dream job." The Seahawks as an organization must be happy, but there are probably going to be questions about their adherence to the Rooney Rule. The Colts faced a smattering of questions when they hired Jim Caldwell, who is black, without interviewing any other candidates, black or white. The goal of the rule is not simply to get minority coaches hired, but to get them interviewed; being talked about as candidates; creating a culture that is more inclusive. So, you know, the Colts violated the rule, regardless of who they ultimately hired. Anyhoo, Seattle probably has some form of punishment coming. Maybe the loss of a draft pick and some money. Matt Millen was fined $250,000 in 2003 after hiring Steve Mariucci. Paul Allen, shall we say, might be able to afford any penalty a Seahawks executive might incur. Plus it's unlikely the Seahawk organization wasn't aware of the questions or penalties they'd face hiring a head coach a year before they'd need him, without having interviewed others. So in the end, Seattle probably decided Jim Mora, Jr. was worth more to the organization than the dollars they'd lose.

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