Thursday, February 07, 2008

Who's in the rocking chair?

New 'Lost' tonight.

Chris Webber makes his second Warrior debut tonight against the Chicago Bulls, getting the start. Steve Carlton signed with the San Francisco Giants in 1986, who hoped he could recapture some of his old form. This signing seems headed for a similar ending. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Oooohh, the Lakers are coming down off their Pau Gasol high. There are lots of excuses. To hear the exhilaration following Gasol's debut, his acquisition ensured the Lakers wouldn't be able to make excuses. (Los Angleles Times)

ESPN legal analyst Roger Cossack is on "First Take" right now, describing how the Brian McNamee physical evidence given to federal investigators, makes him "uncomfortable." That's not legal analysis. Of course it's wierd that the guy held on to syringes and gauze, but that's not the issue. The only part of this that matters is, does this stuff have Clemens DNA and steroids on it? The rest of it is window dressing. I heard a Clemens lawyer call this another McNamee stunt, which is crazy since the Clemens camp has turned this whole thing into a circus.

Video of Pedro Martinez and Juan Marichal participating in a cockfight has been found, released, and subsequently removed from, the ever dilligent, youtube. Though some will try to make a connection, this is not the same as Micheal Vick dogfighting, since cockfighting is legal in the Dominic Republic, but it still sucks when seen from a U.S. worldview. (New York Post)

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