Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday Happy Time

It's funny how around election time the perpetuation of overt racism is welcomed. CNN just ran a segment in which exit polls in California were broken down by white, Asian, Hispanic, and Black voters. What is this shit? I mean, what the fuck is this shit?! Which Democrat got the bulk of the black vote? Where the hell is the Republican version of that question? Are there no black Republicans? I can't help but get the feeling these analysts are trying to analyze races and information with out-of-date textbooks and methods. It's lazy. Who is the real conservative? Why is it assumed Republicans are looking for the real conservative? All rich Democrats are voting Obama, while the beer-drinkers are pro-Clinton? To hell with this election nonsense. Why don't we find out how many people exist in each class, have someone much smarter than me figure out some equation in which no one actually has to vote, and our officials can be elected on the expectation that everyone would have voted based on the stupid fucking idea that no one thinks enough to vote outside the tiny sad box they live in, in which the beverage of choice is beer instead of wine or they are Hispanic instead of white. Hey, there are more rich white people in California that poor blacks, but there are more Hispanics than wine-drinkers, so it's 51-49 Hillary. Easy. Done. Assigning voting behavior by race, income, or religion does a huge diservice to everyone involved in the voting process.

I've been watching election coverage all night. California polls just closed about an hour ago. It's looking like McCain is coming closer to the Republican nomination - though Mike Huckabee is on fire - while Clinton is up big in Cali at the moment.

Barack Obama just said, "It's a choice between looking backward and looking forward," even though a major selling point of his is having opposed the war from the beginning. "If I'm a nominee, my opponent will not be able to say 'I supported the war in Iraq." Eyes forward, everyone. Obama is totally appealing, but there is a built-in culture of shit in politalk that even he can't escape.

[update: 9:27 PM] CNN and MSNBC just called California for Clinton.

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