Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I hope you can still grow that stuff out

We've found an update at Deadspin about everyone's favorite Patriots fan. A few weeks ago, MHR posted a rant about Victor Thompson's belief that he was a member of the Patriots. He looked stupid then. Now? Well, you know. At least he blames the loss on Brady having a girlfriend. Fuck, if Victor Thompson's going to literally bleed for his team, the least Tom Brady could do would be to remain celebate and asexual during the playoffs so he could spend every single moment thinking and studying all things football. What have we learned from all this? If you get a tattoo having to do with your favorite sports team, you are a stupid asshole. Oh yeah, if you're unfamiliar, the Boofy is an MHR award, given to stupid assholes who do really stupid shit. Past winners have included Jaguars receiver Reggie Williams for dancing after every two-yard catch, media clowns who went nuts covering Shaq/Kobe pre-game greetings but didn't cover the game, George Lucas for having thought Jar-Jar Binks was a good idea, and Joey Porter. We would like to congratulate Mr. Thompson for this well deserved Boofy.

The Boofy

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