Friday, February 29, 2008

The Race Card -- Which, incidentally, is a 5 of Clubs

-- Dave Stewart was one of the best pitchers of the late 80's, early 90's. He was 9-1 against Roger Clemens, something that I never knew until reading this fantastic article from today's San Francisco Chronicle.

BH and I have discussed the race card many times with relation to Barry Bonds and the steroid mess. In fact, in my only post on, I danced around the race card and openly questioned why sports writers were not looking at Roger Clemens sooner. This isn't to say that BH and I knew something the rest of the sports universe didn't know... but it IS to say that Dave Stewart has a valid argument when it comes to Clemens vs. Bonds and the White vs. Black issue.

-- Reggie Theus needs to figure out this Kevin Martin situation (SacBee - registration required). The Maloofs just signed the guy for $55 over 5 years to be the face of the franchise. They didn't sign him to play 22 minutes a night. Hoopsworld points out some serious flaws in Reggie Theus's management of this situation.

-- "It's very easy to outrun a lava flow." For some reason, this story makes me think of the scene from Austin Powers where the slow-moving steam roller inches towards the useless henchman.

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SonDog said...

$11 a year, according to my calculations. He might as well be on food stamps.