Sunday, February 03, 2008

If only there were a football game today

Giant Clusterfuck XLII Sunday. Football fans beware. MHR has always touted the idea that championship events are not for actual fans, especially when Fox is involved, but the abortion that is today's over-the-top, red carpet shit-stain opens new doors of championship extravagance and douchebaggedness.

If the Giants lose to an undefeated team today, they suck forever...because they beat three teams they weren't supposed to beat on the road to actually get to the Super Bowl then lost to a team that some will call the best ever. Sucky bastards. (New York Post)

McCain/Romney has become the Chargers/Patriots of the Presidential race. McCain as the Chargers crying foul about Romeny/Pats excesses, addressing Romney's overreaching claims that he saved the 2002 Olympics or that he doesn't play by conservative rules. The animosity goes back a while. (Los Angeles Times)

Bruce Jenkins releases an old man's best quarterbacks list, mostly consisting of individual talents, like "Best jump-passer" and "Toughest sonofagun." (San Francisco Chronicle)

In case you didn't know, Tom Brady has some shit going for him. Most notably, every male fucking journalist in the country has a mancrush on him. (Rock Mountain News)

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