Monday, January 21, 2008

Hey, look at this jackass

I'm not sure how to get a video to post, which might make me a jackass too. Anyway, this guy cracks me up. My favorite part is, "I feel ahsome now. I feel like paht uh duh Patriuhts now."

After a day's worth of championship decompression, maybe I've got things figured out...
-Al Harris has to let Plaxico Burress name his next kid.
-Brett Favre didn't have the worst game ever, but he definitely didn't help the Packers. He looked lost throughout the second half.
-The Patriots are winning, but it's hard to watch them play. At least when they were running the score up, it was fun to watch Brady throw the ball all over the field. Now, meh. It's ugly, boring football. Parity at its best. Of course they'll make it into the "Best Team Ever" discussion if they win the Super Bowl, but I don't think they belong*.
-I didn't really notice, for the first time ever, Joe Buck trying to dramatize a sporting event. He didn't go nuts talking about the cold or trying to force imaginary subplots. He did talk about the cold, a lot, but didn't try to turn the game into the Ice Bowl II.
-Philip Rivers is a stud. A fucking hateable, shitclown, douchebag stud.
-Lawrence Tynes had less to do with putting his team in a shitty spot than Tom Coughlin, and Tynes bailed Coughlin out.
-There are sports teams in New England and New York. Who knew?

And then there were two weeks for douchebag hacks to find stuff we don't care about on which to report.

*Yep, that's a *

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