Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Colin Cowherd is a Boob

by BH

Thanks to for the link to ESPN radio hack Colin Cowherd's podcast about stat nerds determining who gets into the Hall of Fame. It is bad. Really bad. The whole thing's full of hypocrisy, poorly thought out arguments, and seriously bad attempts at comedy. Over the course of the rant, Cowherd rips on stats as a sole indicator of a player's greatness. I can't belive how bad it is. Seriously, it seems like Cowherd took retard pills. He tries to make the point that Canseco should be in the Hall of Fame because he is famous, even though it's in the same way El Guapo was in The Three Amigos. He cites that Canseco was honest about steroids, which then changed the game. In reality, Canseco was honest because he didn't get to 500 home runs, was convinced that he had been black-listed, was not going to get to the Hall, and decided to screw baseball. If Cowherd really thought Canseco were honest, why didn't Canseco come out when he was taking steroids? Cowherd has confirmed my suspicion that he gets all his sports info from ESPNEWS or Sportscenter, which mostly focus on headlines rather than substance.

I heard a similar thing from the guy sitting in for Erik Kuselias on the "Sportsbash" yesterday. He said, "You just know when a guy's a hall of famer." Really? Then why did it take voters 12 times to know Bruce Sutter was a HOFer?

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thisisyourmotherspeaking said...

Excuse me, BH, but "retard pills"??!! (Just wanted you to know that I'm reading these things)