Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tuesday Potpourri

by BH

This morning on ESPNEWS, anchor Anthony Amey said, "And you talk about consistency, the Utah Jazz 17 and 17 heading into Washington. 8 and 8 at home, 9 and 9 on the road." Actually Anthony, that's more like mediocrity. Nice try.

Erik Kuselias talked at length Monday about the need for an experienced playoff QB, citing that all the teams that lost last weekend had quarterbacks making their first playoff start. He actually used Carson Palmer in his example, even though he left the Bengals/Steelers game after gong 1 for 1 for 66 yards. That's like a 6,432.7 QB rating. Cincy's problem had little to do with its quarterbacking, and more to do with a bad defense. Erik Kuselias everyone. The Bill O'Reilley of sports radio. He'll make his point no matter how much he has to manipulate the facts.

Athletes tend to get the benefit of the doubt when they are suspected of doing bad things, like speeding without a driver's license, transporting a friend's crack pipe, or getting caught with a prostitute, but former Virginia Tech Hokie and future fifth-round NFL draft pick Marcus Vick has run out of any such goodwill. Sometimes guys are just bad guys. When you do things like stomp on an opponent's calf during a game, get underage girls drunk in order to sleep with them, or threaten teens (even punk teens) with a gun (WHY THE HELL ARE YOU CARRYING A GUN?!), there's kind of a pattern. On Saturday, Vick announced that he had "decided" to turn pro, as though Virginia Tech hadn't made that choice for him by kicking him off the team. By the way, I'm here to announce that I am not going to be the starting left fielder for the San Francisco Giants.

On Mike and Mike this morning, Matt Leinart got 43% in the "Just Shut Up" voting after saying after the Rose Bowl that he thought USC was the better team. The crazy thing is, and please forgive me Sondog's boss, John, I think everyone who watched the game knows that Leinart's right, though his timing was wrong and saying that made him look like a poor sport. The Trojans were the better team, but Vince Young is ah-maze-ing. The fourth quarter was all about VY. He turned them into national champs.

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phil said...

Marcus Vick will be in a raiders uniform next year... passing to TO, of course. I'm thinking Ron Artest might be great on special teams.