Thursday, January 12, 2006

Last Night's "LOST"

posted by BH

I couldn't be sure until I went back and slowed down the TiVo, but Mr. Eko sees flashes of stuff that's gone on in his past when looking into the black smoke. The topic has hit the fan sites message boards a little. The question becomes, what is the black smoke looking for? The images seem to be from Eko's past. Since there was some discussion about the nature of Eko's soul, perhaps the smoke's deal is that it determine's the character of inhabitants. At the very least, it seems to have the ability to make a determination about whether a person should live or die.


phil said...

there wasn't just discussion of the nature of Eko's soul, but an actual case was made that he has no soul. Perhaps the smoke passed him by because it read him as an animal - that is, a living thing without a soul.

Also, my knowledge of nanotechnologies far exceeds yours, so don't go there.

bh said...

I wondered about that as well, but that leads me back to the question of why it passed over John Locke. Obviously, Locke is a mysterious character who we know little about, but I wouldn't yet put him in the soulless category.

Also, I think you've known me long enough to know that I have no equal on the subject of nanobots, nanopets, and nanocars. You're so out of your element that I'm embarrassed for you.