Sunday, January 15, 2006

Wojciechowski: Bronco fan

posted by BH

If you get a chance, check out Gene Wojciechowski's latest offering on It becomes clear rather quickly that Wojciechowski holds some bitterness towards the Broncos. At the end of paragraph one, he pokes fun at Jake Plummer's beard. This coming from a guy that looks like Anthony Edwards' ugly cousin (not when he was Goose, but when he was Dr. Green and dying of cancer). In the next sentence he says his feelings about the Broncos isn't personal. He twice writes that it's nothing personal.

In order to prove his point that the Broncos don't belong in the championship game, he writes:
I'm not saying the Broncos didn't take advantage of the Patriot screw-ups. They did. Twenty-four of their 27 points came after New England turnovers. But it's not like the Broncos had to go far for those points.
First touchdown drive: One play, one yard.
First field goal drive: Four plays, seven yards.
Second touchdown drive: One play, one yard.
Third touchdown drive: Three plays, 15 yards.

This is meaningless, stupid, shit. They didn't have far to go, and they cashed in. It's like blaming a baseball team for taking advantage of the other team's errors.

He does his best to diminish the Bronco win, calling it a baby step, as though next weekend they'll be in the "AFC Not Quite Championship Game," rather than the real thing.
Of course, there were hugs and handshakes after the win. Broncos defensive tackle Gerard Warren kept saying he'd go "any place, anywhere, anytime" for the AFC championship.
"We're trying to go to a Super Bowl," he said. "We're one step closer now."
A baby step closer, that's it.

No, they're as close as whoever wins the Indy/Pittsburgh game.


shadrach78 said...

#%#%$@#@!#! Wanna see me pissed? Yesterday CBS Decided to have fuckface Simms call the game. All through the game it was Pats this and Pats that, the pats are down 11 and Simms still has Bradys dick in his mouth. Then two minutes to go, game decided, Simms still talkin Pats, about their season and Brady and Belicheck and the dynasty. Whatever. Suck it. Bradys got plenty of time for Gilette commercials, while Plummer, the anti razor, moves on and Im praying for a steelers win.

shadrach78 said...