Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Are you from the '30's?

Ken Rosenthal attributes the Cards' hot start to, wait for it,

"...the moxie of manager Tony La Russa, the continued ascent of center fielder Rick Ankiel, and the good fortune of opening at home against the struggling Rockies and wobbly Nationals. (emphasis mine)"

And then something about pitching.  Well, the focus of the piece is pitching, actually not LaRussa or Ankiel, or the Rocks and Nationals.  But really, "moxie?"  I don't know.  I can't really say I'll ever use that word to describe anything, ever.  "He's got moxie."  "He's fuuuuull of moxie."  "I don't know, Bob.  The kid can't hit, but I've got moxie."  Maybe we can nominate LaRussa for "Moxiest Manager of the Year."  

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