Thursday, April 03, 2008

That's them

Oh thank God.  Giants win 2-1 in a somewhat disjointed game.  But the win.  Aaaahhhhh, the win.  Tim Lincecum and Merkin Valdez were the stars as Valdez struck out four (4!) in two innings (fucking stud), and Lincecum, who Giants fans are waiting to watch fall apart like some Wile E. Coyote Acme car, pitched on both sides of the hour-plus rain delay, scored the winning run and got the win.   It isn't like Giants fans worried the team was actually going to start the season with 162 straight losses, but we weren't dismissing the idea that the team might challenge the Orioles 0-21 start in 1988 or the 1893 Green Lake Petticoats 0-37.  Everything has to go right for these Giants to win a game.  The old Giants, my younger self's Giants, could fall into a win once in a while.  But hope, as the old proverb goes, makes you feel like a fucking moron dumbass sucker as you watch your team stumble and bumble and single and cough up leads on their way to uninspiring losses.  But hey, they won last night.  And sort of with the lineup (sans Ortmeier in favor of Aurillia, for some fucking reason, and Rajai Davis in left over Fred Lewis) we all wanted to see.  Brian Wilson got a four-out save and the bullpen as a whole was exactly what they need to be (not made of unleaded and extra-dry fir) and Eugenio Velez was on base twice and stole a bag (der).  

I'm excited.  Are the Giants turning the mythical corner, gaining some non-existent momentum, feeling the columnist-invented "it," in the proverbial zone?  No.  They won 2-1.  They've scored four runs in three games.  But no team likes losing, and these Giants and more importantly, I, will be happy with any score that finds the Giants with more runs than the opponent, achieved in any manner.  I used to take losses hard.  Now not as much, and wins are far more enjoyable this way.    

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