Monday, April 07, 2008

...unless you're a Giants fan

Well that was a crazy openingish week in baseball.  Meant to spend all season in the crapper?  Hell no.  Laugh in the face of the naysayers.  "Nay, you say?  We're 5-1, bitches," says Rick Ankiel and his undetectable HGH.  "Eat my balls," says Aubrey Huff of the 4-1 Orioles.  "Tigers?  More like faggots," says...uh...Mark Grudielanek and the Royals?  And there you have the kings of the "huh?"'s.  The Detroit Tigers, supposed to go 160-2, are 0-6.  No one's panicking in Detroit, but no one's happy either.  Philly and New York, similarly predicted to compete all season at the top of the division, are flailing a little.  "Hey!  Heilman!  Ya fuckin' up Santana's fuckin' season, ya fuckin' douchebag," was yelled at televisions throughout the New York area.  No one thinks the Phils or Mets or Tigers are going to spend the season at the bottom of their respective divisions.  If a team goes through a 2-3 or 2-4 or 0-6 stretch after they've reached their 75th game, no one really worries.  When it happens to start the year, douchebags with computers write sadly unfunny posts on their sadly unfunny blogs.  

Then their are your 2008 San Francisco Giants.  They are who we thought they were.  Barry Zito, doing his best impersonation of a number four starter, would be fine playing for a team with the ability to put up 5 (probably more like 7) runs per game, but these Giants have given him zero runs in two starts.  The team has two home runs, an OBP of .274, and it's best plate appearances have come from Eugenio Velez and Brian Bocock.   Aaron Rowand has been good, but is now hurting.  Aside from those three, the bright spots have been Lincecum, Cain, Valdez and Wilson and, to a lesser extent, despite giving up 8 runs the other day, Jonathan Sanchez.  But this is really what we'd hoped the Giants would be.  We hoped the young guys would a) get a chance to play, b) play well enough to continue getting a chance to play and c) kind of give a sliver of hope for the future, and that's what's happened.  Would wins be nice?  Of course.  But anyone bummed about the 1-5 record didn't sufficiently recognize and prepare for the realities of this season.  One gets the impression those people would be Brian Sabean and Bruce Bochy, since they seem to be the most prominent and visible proponents of the San Francisco Giants Retirement Facility.  Yes, they have given the younger players a shot, yet reluctantly, and usually following an injury to an older guy.  This is a 'silver-lining' type of year.  100 games in, will that be enough?  Iuhnno, but right now it is.     

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