Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just to be clear, Jeff Pearlman is a slimy douche

I was saddened to see that the ever dick-sucky and slithering Jeff Pearlman was favored a Will Clark-bashing post on Deadspin.  Sad.  You know Pearlman.  In pictures and video of athletes being interviewed, he's the one that's just a hand holding a microphone.  You can't see his face.  Just a hand and a microphone.  He's the guy who gets up in the morning and tells his wife, "I'm going to be a man and make my money today by writing about how fat David Wells is," or, "I'm going to be a man and make money today by writing about how much of a bad guy John Rocker is."  He's made a whole career off of two lackluster bits in S.I., in which he was as much a part of the story as the subject.  He's ripped Barry Bonds for wearing #42 on Jackie Robinson Day. Nothing this clown ever writes is distinguishable from that written by an eleventh-grade journalism student.  A bad one.  One who only got into the class because his grandpa is the Assistant Superintendent and he needs a C- to be accepted into Douchebag Junior College.  Now it appears he's written a book on the Dallas Cowboys of the 1990's.  Provocative.  Something about Michael Irvin and cocaine?  Nate Newton?  Maybe a nugget about ladies and postgame festivities?  

So I don't give a fuck what Jeff Pearlman has to say about Will Clark.          


TheNaturalMevs said...

Easy dude. Sounds like Pearlman stole your girlfriend.

Jeese. Some people like reading about Mike Irvin and cocaine. Some people like reading about Darryl Strawberry and cocaine. Pearlman's book 'The Bad Guys Won' is an excellent book.

If you don't like him (still unclear why) that's cool. But to say he's a bad writer is a bit of a stretch.

Amy said...

How can people leverage rumors to make a career? Did anyone see the immoral journalist in the wire last season that tried to launch his career on sensational stories? can anyone say Jeff Pearlman or Jerry Springer? When did the integrity of reporters become so pathetic?

Henderson said...

thenaturalmelvs: Jeff Pearlman has made a career of writing about the negatives; of tearing people down. That is hacky and easy, the hallmarks of a bad writer.