Thursday, April 10, 2008

We don't do a lot of linking to other blogs here at MHR*, which we admit is somewhat sinful.  We read other blog posts, yet generally enjoy them solo.  That said, please read the 4/10 post over at FJM, entitled, "Heady Days.".  It is, undoubtedly, in the all-time top 3 FJM posts debate.  At some point when my kid can read, I will have him read it.  Jim Armstrong at AOL presents an argument from 1998, and the ever-fabulous Ken Tremendous has a good time.   

*Fuck, the guy who's supposed to scour the blogosphere in the morning for links has been missing for like three months.  I'm more worried about our links than why I haven't heard from him and why his mother calls me crying about his disappearance.   

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