Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Lincecum. Is. God.

1-161, you sneer?  Ha.  Fuck you then.  Our San Francisco Giants will not reach the dreaded 161-loss mark, thanks to - again - Tim Lincecum, Bengie Molina (sigh), and, unbelieveably, Brad Hennessey.  Hennessey had looked awful all season, including spring training.  Even two shutout innings last night lowered his ERA for the year to 14.40.  But hey, he was good again for one lone night, and that's all that matters here in Giantstopia.  Be good for one night.  Molina is what he is.  Two bombs?  It might be the only time this season that happens, but last night he looked like a cleanup hitter.  

Television had Lincecum's first pitch at 101 and second at 102.  It was obviously running hot and was turned off for a few pitches.  When turned back on, he was consistently in the 95-97 range, topping out at 99.  His night was a 6 inning, 1ER, 1BB, 7K tough luck no-decision, but it's become clear he's already become the Giants' best pitcher and is gaining recognition around the league.  

- Daniel Ortmeier was picked off at first after singling in the fifth.  Said Mike Krukow, "One thing these Giants are good at this year is getting picked-off."  That's three, by my count.

- Merkin Valdez has K'd more guys than given up hits to this point.  Last night, only his fastball was working, but he was fine.  Dude, that kid is good.

- Jack Taschner has to keep the beard.  You know he knows he looks manly and intimidating.  You know he stands in front of the mirror before each game, chanting something about the mystical power of the beard.  I mean, at least that's what I do.         

- Tyler Walker has Rick Reuschel butt.  

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SonDog said...

Lincecum's beard is not quite on the Baron Davis level yet. I love when Baron's beard talks to the camera... "Whazzha Crackilatin' Cracka's!"