Sunday, April 13, 2008

The secret of my delinquency

I took the kid to his first game on Saturday.  Giants/Cards, Cain/Pujols and nosebleeds.  The Giants, desperately needing to fill AT&T Park, were running $11 specials in the view reserves.  So there you go.  Not interested in paying $30 for parking at the stadium, nor dealing with San Francisco game-traffic, we took the ferry across the Bay.  Much, much easier and enjoyable.  Especially for the kid.  As I expected would happen, we only spent two innings in our seats and spent the bulk of the rest of the game waiting in lines and walking from one side of the park to the other.  But the kid had a good time, riding the slides, hitting in the little kids' field behind the right field bleachers, and eating a shitload of junk.  

Not actually spending much of the day watching the game allowed me a chance at people watching, and I'll tell you this; AT&T Park has got to be the home of the douchebag.  And they've all seemingly got hot girlfriends.  I mean what the fuck kind of world is this?  Jesus.  It was like some douchebaggery hot-spot.  Is it possible the universe conspired with itself to collect every dumbfuck that looks like every other dumbfuck in the Bay Area to get them to the game?  Oh, shit.  I was there.  What does that mean?  Seriously though, it had to be like "I'm-trying-to-look-like-the-guy-on-the-sailboat-in-the-Polo-ad-I-saw-in-GQ douchebag heritage day."  Something.  


-As I chased the kid around the stadium, I couldn't help but become aware that Cain had a no-no going for a while.  When he hit the bomb, I knew the game was fucked because a guy pitching a no-hitter and hitting a home run in the same game can't happen for a Giant.  He got a nice ovation after giving up a hit in the 7th.  

-John Bowker's first ML hit was a line-drive up the middle, and aside from hitting one out in your first at-bat, I can't imagine a better way to get things going.  An excellent way to build on that would be to hit on out in your second AB, which he did.  Geeyah.  

-I stood behind the bleachers with the kid on my shoulders just in time and just long enough to watch Tyler Walker revert to the 2005 version of himself.  The bullpen has been so good, but ate a huge shit on Saturday.

-We watched the 9th and 10th from under the wall in right.  Awesome.

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