Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Giants score!!

But lose.  These, I'm afraid, are our San Francisco Giants.  10 singles.  2 runs.  Matt Cain was a stud, going 5 2/3, allowing 3 hits and 0 runs.  Jack Taschner looked like a good reason to let Steve Kline slip away, bailing Cain out in the sixth with a strikeout.  But Brad Hennessey and Keiichi Yabu contributed to yielding three runs in three innings.  Guh.  The bullpen letdown can't be the norm.  The offense Bochy's put on the field to start the season is, perfect for bizarro baseball, not built to score runs.  Ray Durham's defensive failings, which have been glaringly evident over the first two games, cannot be made up for with the offense he presents at this point; a low-average hitter with little power in his later baseball years.  Rich Aurillia killed the Giants lone rally in the seventh with a double play that was predicted by every single Giants fans watching or listening to the game.  Jose Castillo does something, probably.  The good news is Eugenio Velez has two hits in two pinch-hit AB's.  Brian Bocock has 3 BB in two games and got his first hit last night and looks Omaresque on defense.  What is the point of filling the lineup with players who were good at one time, but no longer appear to be capable every day major leaguers?  The benefits derived from Velez at second and Ortmeier at first cannot be less than what is to be gained now.  What the fuck is there to lose?  There is everything to be gained.  Are Bochy and Sabean worried Velez is going to hit under .200 and play shitty defense?  Or are they worried Ortmeier is going to hit under .150, grounding into double plays every time the opportunity presents itself?  Well hell.  Let's keep 'em on the bench so we can watch old guys on the downside of their careers do the same fucking thing.  It's insanity.  It's the definition of insanity.  

I know it's two games.  Aurillia will always be one of my favorite all-time Giants and could return to his 2006 self.  Durham could return to his pre-Giants self.  But this is what every single non-Bochaurilldurhsabean thought was going to happen when the Giants announced their starting lineup for Monday's game.  Dammit.  God dammit.  


SonDog said...

Take a look at each minor league roster too... with the exception of single-A Augusta, there is absolutely no youth. I read that each team - EVERY FUCKING MINOR LEAGUE TEAM THEY HAVE - is the oldest team in its respective league, with the exception of Augusta. Sabean has to be fired. This system has failed for too many years. You know how he always talks about "track records?" Well, his "track record" in the last three years is a horrible winning percentage with an empty system to back it up. I've had it. I'm on strike until Velez, Lewis and Ortmeier are starting more than once a series (i.e., tonight).

atrophied orange&black said...

Augusta is going to be rad.


atrophied orange&black said...

I wish I could watch that game tonight. I don't get CSN and it's blacked out on I might have to invite myself to dinner at my parents'.

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