Monday, April 14, 2008

Offensive Juggernaut

The answer all along was getting Ray Durham and Dave Roberts out of the lineup - duh.  Is John Bowker the baseball reincarnation of Will Clark and Roy Hobbs?  Definitely, yes.  Can he be counted on to continue his hot streak?  Definitely, yes.  My prediction?  Bowker will make us all forget about Barry Bonds, finishing the year with 63 bombs, winning the MVP, ROY and Nobel Prize in baseball studliness.  Put it in the bank.

Tim Lincecum.  That's all.       

It's worrying that Bruce Bochy seems to use the same relievers every night.  Of the team's thirteen games, Jack Taschner has pitched in nine and Walker and Valdez have seven appearances each.  Taschner is on pace for a mid-July dead-arm DL trip.  

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