Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gosh, who's playing in this golf thingy?

I can't tell.  Really, can we tone down the Tiger-worship just a tad. has up a picture that you know is worthy of Tiger's fireplace mantle, and is probably actually headed for the ESPN Headquarters fireplace mantle.  Visual deification?  I know the self-proclaimed "Worldwide Leader" is broadcasting the first two rounds and that Tiger supposedly drives ratings, but come on.  Inflating the already inflated opinion of Woods, simultaneously, openly diminishing the significance of the tournament's other participants, is stupid on a self-righteous 10th-grader scale.  

Listen, ESPN.  Let me tell you what the rest of us already know.  We recognize greatness.  We know when we see it.  We know when we see a great golfer or a great quarterback or a great baseball player, without the constant, overwhelming, nauseating fawning that you as a network insist upon heaping on Green Jacket Jesus.  Tiger Woods is a great golfer.  Maybe the best ever.  Maybe.  But doesn't it do him and us a disservice that you apparently feel it necessary to not only saturate your coverage with everything Tiger, but saturate it with schoolgirl crush coverage of deity Tiger?  It's a little much.        


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