Thursday, April 03, 2008

Larry Bowa: Kiiinda crazy

If you were lucky enough to see it live on Tuesday night or more likely, replayed all over the place, Larry Bowa's argumentsnapejectionexplosiontantrum was, in typical Bowa style, fucking rad.  The game's plugging along, Matt Cain's doing what he can to keep the Giants in the game, the Dodgers are kind of threatening...BAM!  Bowa explodes!  Excellent.  Excefreakinlent.  But then he had to go get all nutso after the game, and again after he was handed a three-game suspension, ruining the fun.  Bowa's primary gripes, you ask?

-the rule that a base coach must stay within the coaching box is stupid.

-the rule that you are fined and/or suspended for bumping an umpire during an argument is stupid.

-that steroid users are playing baseball and he's suspended for violating a rule, multiple rules actually, is stupid.

-Bob Watson is stupid, and seemingly, no, definitely vendictive

Watson cited the reason for the suspension as "inappropriate and aggressive conduct," which is about the best nice description of Bowa's actions.  Totally entertaining, but obviously over the line.  Considering the coaches-box rule is enforced universally, has been in place since February and was being violated by Bowa, yeah, I think maybe he was a dumbfuck for exploding and for one millimoment professing he has been unfairly singled-out.  Bowa was looking for a fight; he was angry that day, my friends; like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli.  Kind of like when your driving home and a car in the lane next to you puts on its signal to move into your lane, and there's plenty of room, but you speed up and he has to make a hole and you flip him off and if you're a douche you're riled up about the whole thing for the next few hours and telling anyone you know about how some fuckface cut you off, when really, you know the whole time, THAT YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN THE FUCKING BOX LIKE YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO AND JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT THE WHOLE THING BECAUSE YOU'RE A STUPID RED-FACED ASSHOLE HEART ATTACK WAITING TO HAPPEN.  Shit, I hit the 'Caps Lock' button by mistake.  Oops.  Anyway, we all love watching you blow up.  Don't diminish it by taking it all too seriously.  

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