Sunday, April 06, 2008

An offensive explosion

I'll take what the Giants did yesterday.  Sure, they lost the game 5-4, but with the lone exception being Ray Durham at second, came closest yet to starting the young lineup we have been asking for all winter.  Not surprisingly, the result was not having to string together four straight singles to score a sad, lonely run.  Eugenio Velez tripled, Daniel Ortmeier stole two bags and Brian Bocock continued to get on base at a Bondsian clip - yet was picked off again - all resulting in the Giants most exciting loss of the season.  And really, that's what we are hoping for, right?  Losses that make us happy.  As we've said in the past, if this team is going to lose, let's at least see them lose in a way that excites us.  That is, without the Aurillias and Durhams* and Roberts and Castillos and...gasp...Vizquels in the way of players whose playing might help the team in a year.  Now we see that the kids' playing now helps the team now just like we hoped it would.  As I wrote in this post almost a week ago**, the Giants benefit absolutely nothing by starting the Aurillia, Durham, Roberts, Castillo lineup, and everything to gain starting the youngsters.    

*I'm aware of the irony involved in complaining about Durham's playing time after he hit a home run yesterday.

**Citing yourself in any circumstance in support of a theory is always a good idea.          

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