Friday, April 04, 2008

'There's a 4:30 in the morning now?'

My day started pretty early as I recently signed up to do some volunteer work during the morning shift for the local NPR station during its pledge drive.  Of course, being at the station so early caused me to miss the most pressing news of the morning, which was, of course, nothing.  What a boring day, so far.  Maybe Brett Favre's coming back?  Who cares outside of Green Bay, Peter King and other media sycophants.  Mike Montgomery's on his way to Cal?  Nice job Bears.  Foxsports douche Kevin Hench - the Kevin Hench who was hammered for making fun of Rocco Baldelli's career-threatening condition - writes that the A's crumminess signals the "Continuing downfall of Moneyball," citing as one example Bobby Crosby's low OBP, even though it really means nothing since the very fact the Crosby's low OBP kind of demonstrates that Hench understands that OBP is important in baseball, a key component of the type of philosophy used by various people, including Billy Beane in the book, "Moneyball."  Then he has to get really stupid with RBI's and BA's.  Make sure you read the book before you try to deconstruct it like a stumbling buffoon.  Or at least recognize you should probably use numbers valued by the system your attacking when attacking it.  It's always a little bit fun when doucheclowns go after "Moneyball" by ripping on the A's, when the Red Sox are busy winning World Series under Beane apprentice/disciple Theo Epstein.     

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