Friday, April 25, 2008

Thursday Night TV

Last night's '30 Rock' was amazing.  I'd put the episode in my top 10 episodes of anything ever.

As for 'Lost?'  Ben is fucking rad.  Ahhh, the transition from being despised to loved.  How did that happen?  It's nice that the suspicions or questions we've all had about Ben's connection to the black smoke, Jacob's connection to the black smoke, the black smoke's connection to the island, and Widmore's connection to Ben, are becoming more clear.  It seems like things move fast in the world of 'Lost' these days.  The entire first season could have been included in last night's episode.  Now it's like a whole lot of shit happens every single episode.  Thank God. 

I've lost interest in 'My Name is Earl.'  A buddy was over last night and asked, "Is he still in a coma?"  I guess.  Really, I didn't get into it last night which I think says something about how compelling it all seemed.   

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