Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I thought better of it

I made the mistake of turning on the Arizona/Cincinnati game, forgetting it would be called by the Thom Brenneman.  No way.  That's not happening in this house.  Fortunately I tuned into the Cards/Rocks game in time to see Rick Ankiel's first bomb of the year, then hear the Cards announcers, freshly without Joe Buck, wash his balls.  And I'm not joking about this...Babe Ruth's name was mentioned.  Roughly...

"Tonight we've seen him go from first to third on a base hit, make a good catch, and hit that home run...and he used to be a pitcher."

Right, we know.  But now he's not.  Stop talking like him having once been a pitcher earns him extra points.       

[update]: I'm really happy I didn't listen to the douchebags.  From Awful Announcing.

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