Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Yeah, it's a little frustrating

The toughest part about watching your 2008 San Francisco Giants is the confusion.  Are they going old or going young?  Do they want to win?  Build?  Both?  Neither?  What's become exceedingly clear over the past offseason is Brian Sabean's inability to recognize a situation for what it is.  That Rich Aurillia, Dave Roberts, Ray Durham and Jose Castillo started yesterday's opener demonstrates that Sabean expects the Giants to compete right now, this season.  The problem, of course, is that starting Aurillia, Roberts, Durham and Castillo does not allow that.  The difference between the Giants being a competitive team, aspiring to an NL West title or Wild Card birth is not Aurillia starting over Dan Ortmeier or Castillo over Eugenio Velez  or Roberts over Fred Lewis.  The 2008 Giants are, at most, five games better over the course of the season starting Aurillia, Roberts, Castillo and Durham.  The worst part is that those possible five wins this year amount to nothing more than boring-ass baseball and a fucked-up 2009.  Is Sabean's goal to sell tickets?  Generate excitement?  Are either going to be positively affected starting Aurillia, Roberts and Castillo?  Der.  What is happening with everyday players in San Francisco that can be considered good?  


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