Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What can you buy with $66.85 million?

A whole lot of over-the-hill, injured, or over-the-hill AND injured baseball players. That is, if your name is Brian Sabean and you think statisticians are just a bunch of nerds that don't know anything about baseball. According to, here are the top-10 Giants salaries for 2008:

1. Barry Zito: $14.5 million
2. Aaron Rowand: $9.6 million
3. Randy Winn: $8.9 million
4. Ray Durham: $7.5 million
5. Dave Roberts: $6.5 million
6. Bengie Molina: $6.2 million
7. Omar Vizquel: $5.0 million
8. Rich Aurilia: $4.5 million
9. Noah Lowry: $2.5 million
10. Brad Hennessey: $1.6 million

In total, these fabulous 10 players, all with meager to below average VORP numbers, comprise $66.85 million of the Giants' $76.1 million payroll. Unreal.

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OZ said...

Ray Durham has to be the worst. 7.5 mil and I wouldn't play him in the Little League World series.