Monday, April 28, 2008

It's become a punchline

Two guys walk into a turns to the other and says, "I need a drink.  My mother just died."  "Shit," the other says.  "Barry Zito."

Hahahahahahahaha.  Hahahahahahahahahaha.  Oh, my sides.  

The joke is on us, Giants fans.  We've got how many more years of the Zito pyrotechnics experience?   Now the Giants are looking at sitting him for a start or maybe sending him to the bullpen.  Of course, what Zito offers won't work, nor will it help in the bullpen.  No speed.  Little control.  That seems like a bad combination.  

And now the Giants are faced with truly he worst contract in baseball.  I've been a Zito supporter, and was never on the ripping-the-Giants-for-his-contract bandwagon.  At the time, that's what the free agent market was producing and the Giants bit.  I was excited.  Sure they'd spent a lot of money, but this was Barry Zito; a Bay kid; never missed a start; innings eater; played the guitar.  Now, pluh.  Maybe he still plays the guitar.      

I don't hate Zito.  I would never boo a guy for playing like shit if he's truly efforting.  Fuck knows he's been working his ass off to tweak this or that in an effort to gain back an inch or two on his fastball; to hit his spots with consistency.  I'm not a psychologist or a pitching coach.  I made five appearances in college and ended up with an ERA over 7.  But, my suggestion, as I'm sure Dave Righetti's must be, is just stop thinking about everything and pitch.  Zito is a golfer who's lost his natural swing.  Who ever thought Barry Zito would have become a head-case?

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SonDog said...

84 mph. BH, you could throw 84 mph. I know Jamie Moyer can get it done with an 84 mph fastball, but Zito is not Jamie Moyer. And I can't believe I am admitting that. That being said, it would kind of make sense if Sabean signed Moyer to a 7 year, $130 million deal, given his affinity for old farts. And if you will excuse me, I'm going to go pound my head into a brick wall.