Friday, April 25, 2008

If Tim Lincecum played in New York...

Maybe his win last night would have been noticed east of Denver.  As it is, Lincecum's outdueling Chris Young to improve to 4-0, taking over the strikeout lead with 36, and lowering his ERA to 1.23 gets no love on's headlines, nor even on its baseball page headlines.  I generally don't waste time looking at the site or worrying about the network's lackluster approach to legitimate news.  But fucking come on.  Joba's first loss?  The Orioles beating the Mariners?  It's a small sample size, but the dude has become one of the best pitchers in baseball.  Can you imagine the reaction if he were doing what he's doing in Boston?  New York?  Fucking Atlanta or Florida for that matter?  You'd think he'd have at least gotten a mention.  Fuck, I know it's not about newsworthiness anymore.  I know it's a high school paper.  Fuck, though.  I mean fucking fuck.  Yes, I know.  Ripping on ESPN for its overwhelmingly and generally accepted East-coast bias is a bit, I don't know, boring and played.  But to call the network simply biased toward the East is inaccurate.  ESPN's eyes are glued to the east coast, but it's odd the things on which the network seems to focus.  Wait, no it's not.  Ratings.  Hits.  Page views.  Yes, that's it.  I understand now.  So I guess we'll watch Lincecum toil in that American Sports Siberia that is Northern California, making baseball history along the way, while ESPN "reports" on the "news" that is the state of Joba Chamberlain's soul or David Ortiz's cankles or Carlos Delgado's spot in the order.          

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