Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Do you think the pit crew was ever the least bit curious as to why he lost 100 pounds in two weeks?

I mean, you have to be bat-shit insane to do what NASCAR driver Aaron Fike did before driving NASCAR truck at speeds up to 180 mph. According to his interview with ESPN the Magazine, Fike admitted to booting black tar heroin... ON FUCKING RACE DAY!

In his first in-depth interview since being arrested for heroin possession last
summer, the 25-year-old said he had been using heroin for eight months and
suffered from a dependency on painkillers for six years before that. In the
weeks prior to his arrest, his once-a-week experiment with heroin had become a
daily routine, including the days he was competing in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck

NASCAR officials, when informed of Fike's admission, said the league
has kept an eye on the more proactive random drug testing policies recently
ramped up by the "Big Four" major league sports but point to the list of recent
suspensions as proof that the current policy is working.

Um, yeah. I'd say NASCAR isn't doing the best job with its drug testing. Just a thought. Somehow, Congress has to call a hearing about this.

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the butler said...

"once-a-week experiment with heroin..."

yeah, really harmless at first- just shooting up every Saturday...nothing wrong with a weekly needle between the toes.