Friday, January 25, 2008

Al Davis is who we thought he was!

'Ello. You 'ear 'bout 'iss crazy o' bugga in Oakland. 'Ee's troyin' to wreck 'is footbowl team.

Seriously though. I mean, come on. Come fucking on. No wonder the organization and everything connected to it is such a fucking joke right now. Al Davis hasn't even been able to stand by the people he's hired lately, which might tell the rest of us something about whether or not he should be making decisions. Evidently, Davis is pissed about a number of Kiffin-inspired matters, most notably that Kiffin insisted the Raiders trade Randy Moss to the Patriots for a 4th-round pick. Why didn't Davis, as the boss, have the balls to say no to the trade at that time, and why has he kind of, in an underhanded way, discovered his balls now? Because Moss had a good year? Yeah, I bet Kiffin regrets the move now too, but there's no telling what Moss would have done in Oakland. He obviously had something to offer, but it wasn't going to be rediscovered in a Raiders situation lacking structure and accountability, ripe with a built-in culture of player control.

So what the hell. Let's force the guy with new ideas and a new approach out because he has new ideas and a new approach, for a guy who's old ideas and old approach lead to little success in his last stop, and the later years of his previous one.

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