Friday, January 25, 2008


Less than a week until the new Lost.

This morning 'First Take' interviewed some kid from Providence who made a half court shot to win a car. The video playing throughout the entirety of the interview - the only video - was the kid making the shot. At least 20 times. Speaking of 'First Take,' the headlines they ran this morning came from the Boston Herald, Boston Globe, New York Post, New York Newsday. Nothing else going on anywhere.

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that Chris Webber and Don Nelson have talked, and C-Webb might show up in Oakland this season. Relationship-wise, the two didn't get along so well last time Webber was with Golden State, but that was 14 years ago. Nelson has grown old and C-Webb has grown...up? Older? Creakier? Is Webber done with the pouting part of his life? Who knows. Jim O'Brien maybe.

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