Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ongoing awesomeness

Vincent Jackson just scored to make the Colts/Chargers game 7-7.

"Jackson looked like he was about 7 feet tall right there." - Dierdorf

Well, he starts at 6'5" and had to jump, so.... Excellent analysis.

The Burger King commercials are obnoxious. Are they working? They inspire me to avoid Burger King.

Took a shower, missed the Colts FG. Guh.

So, the Chargers are fucked if LT's out for any extended period (I just won the Dierdorf award for calling the obvious). The only reason Rivers looks tolerable is because of the threat of LT, although Micheal Turner's seeming capable. LT's on the bike now.

"LT's on the stationary trying to loosen up that knee." - Dierdorf

Fuck, is that what he's doing?

Wow, I can't believe pass-interference was called against the Indy DB covering Chris Chambers.

Why is Greg Gumbel laughing while replays of Bob Sanders taunting Nate Kaeding is showing?

That holding call on the interception return was rough. I got the feeling the guy falling had more to do with the call than an actual hold having occurred. Yeah, Norv, I think the officials are fucking with you too. Which is nice for some of us.

I'm still pissed it was Rodney Harrison who made that late pick against Garrard last night. I'd have rather seen Tom Brady come in on defense, make the pick, drop his pants, and get a blow on the field from Phil Simms while getting fingered in the ass by Jim Nantz. I hate Rodney Harrison.

Micheal Turner is a stud, and Rivers looks less and less like a turd trying sprout an arm and throw a knuckleball. Maybe I was wrong about the Chargers being screwed without LT part.

There's this sense of inevitability when Manning goes back to throw. You know he's going to find someone, whether it's his first option or just-signed from the practice squad Tinkle Flannigan reporting as an elligible tackle. This Manning guy might make it.

Holy shit that was the craziest interception I've ever seen a D-lineman make. It's going to be overturned, I think. But hell, that was an unbelievable catchish trap thing.

Whoa, they didn't even look at it. Oh, and I guess it was Weddell, not a d-lineman. Maybe that makes up for the holding call on the Cromartie return.

Reggie Wayne is a stud.

"What an amazing change of direction by Wayne." - Gumbel; okay, this is a paraphrase, but no shit. I watched it. What is your job?

Uh, why are Colts special teamers hopping around after tackling Darren Sproles at the 25? He started five yards deep and made it past the 20.

Goddammit, Rivers. Why now are you getting good?

And then you throw one at a lineman's back.

Sproles is fast. Holy shit did he look like Reggie Bush in his USC days. Damn. I don't think 1998 Randy Moss was that fast.

Did Rivers just pull a Gramatica? What an asshole.

Can't we announce the "Punt, Pass, and Kick" shit when I'm not trying to watch a football game? Fuck. Fuck. What the fuck is this shit?

So this morning I found out that the girl I've been trying to build a rapport with at my favorite coffee shop has a boyfriend. Dammit. God dammit.

If a ball is uncatchable, pass interference can still be called apparently.

San Diego's defense has turned into shit all of the sudden. This game has screeched to a boring halt. Pass interference, personal foul, holding. Guh. I like how Dierdorf said the personal foul was inadvertent because a lineman would never punch a guy in the head. Spoken like a true lineman.

So Billy Volek is in. San Diego could head to New England with a Turner/Sproles/Volek trio. Fack that should be a good game. At least Rivers just ran to the bench from the locker room. The San Diego D is going to have to come up huge if they want to win this game.

Chargers just went three-and-out. Screwed.

The guy on the Fred Flintstone Geico commercial who says, "Mr. Flint pays well..." played the robot, Sonny, in iRobot.

Can we please penalize receivers for looking for a penalty flag every time they don't catch a pass?

I just did some pushups while in the middle of working through a Guinness because Guinness gives you strength.

Does anyone expect the Gonzales review to go the other way? Gonzales (sp?) could have licked the boundary and the play would have stood. Anyone want to see a Brady/Manning matchup next weekend?

"San Diego really short-handed. No Tomlinson, no Rivers." - Dierdorf

No shit.

Is Rivers going to talk shit from the bench while his offense is on the field?

"What else can you say about this San Diego Charger football team?" - Dierdorf


Volek-led TD drive?

Aside from those three plays at the beginning of the 4th quarter, this is the best game I've seen this year.

4th and 5 for the Colts with 3+ minutes left. Even if they don't get the 1st down, I don't think this game is over. Dierdorf thinks the Colts are going for it rather than kicking the field goal because Dungy doesn't think the Colts D can stop the Chargers. Yes. That and and they are down by four and Vinatieri would be trying a 53 yards shot.

"What a throw and what a catch by Clark." - Gumbel

Pretty standard all the way around really, considering the Colts make that same play FIFTEEN TIMES A GAME!

Incomplete on 4th and goal for the Colts. 2:01 left, which is bad luck for the Chargers, since the clock will stop regardless of their next play. The Chargers' D was pretty happy they stopped the Colts on 4th, but this game is not over.

Thank God Norval runs the ball up the gut to milk the clock. Three runs for 7 yards. Brilliant. Brill fucking yant.

Dierdorf is right when he says these two teams have beat the crap out of each other and it will have an effect on next week's game, but I don't think New England is all that thrilled. It's not like there are noodly boobs filling in.

Is Phillip talking? What a jackass.

I'm a jackass for believing the Chargers were done when LT and Rivers went out.

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