Friday, January 25, 2008

This Isn't News- ESPN Entry #3,428

Under the "News" section of is the heading, "Eli will play in multiple Super Bowls, Peyton says."

Christ. Can the "Worldwide Leader" stop with the Manning circle-jerk. Please?

Big brother Peyton, the current Super Bowl MVP, believes the Giants' run this year is no fluke and Eli is going to lead New York to a number of NFL championship games, possibly even one next year that will have both of Archie Manning's sons playing for the Lombardi Trophy.

Peyton Manning, who led Indianapolis to a Super Bowl title last year, spoke of the pride he feels for his brother, the difficulty in watching Eli play and the influence of their father.

I wasn't sure Eli Manning and Peyton Manning were related, but I'd always wondered. Now we find out Archie is their dad? It all makes sense now.

Guess what? I don't give a flying fuck what the hell Peyton thinks about anything, let alone how he feels when he watches his brother play or how much he loves his dad. I don't know the Mannings. Who cares about this shit? Who really fucking cares? The Manning mom? Maybe. Why, oh. God. why do media wonks think this fluffy bullshit, in which they try to exist vicariously through athletes or celebrities, passes as useful to the world?

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