Sunday, January 20, 2008


My other choice is listening to my kid talk shit to me while he plays "Cars" on his Wii.

What is that thing on the Gillette Stadium field? It looks like an ancient Central American temple shooting flames or something. I notice it during every Pats' game, and it's ugly.

The Chargers have been stopping the Patriots so far, but can't do shit on offense.'s kind of boring, bad football. I can't really belive the Patriots are ever stopped by another team, so I'm not really sure if the Pats' offense is playing bad or Chargers are playing well on defense.

CBS just ran a graphic calling the Chargers' #1/2 receivers and Micheal Turner unexpected heroes. Sigh. Turner is averaging less than 4 ypc. Yes, he's filled in well, but hero?

Interception Quentin Jammer. ChristBrady's first 1st quarter posteseason int.

Rodney Harrison is so dirty. Always an extra shot. Rivers pass to the fullback goes incomplete, the FB falls down. Three steps later Harrison lands on top of him.

Rivers looks like Willis Reed walking around on the field. I'm glad he's at least giving it a shot.

"You said last week Phil you could see a look of fear in his (LT's) eyes not knowing (the extent of his injury." - Nantz

Seriously? Fear? Concern maybe. Fear? Simms does a lot of mind-reading during games.

Nantz says Norval told him Rivers is about the toughest kid he's ever been around. What Norval really said was, "He's as tough as anyone to be around."

Another San Diego FG. God the Pats are tough inside the 20.

Another New England punt. Man are they happy about punt coverage. No dude, the Super Bowl is next game.

Mike Vrabel just tripped Rivers, forcing an interception. Nice non-call. No mention from Simms or Nantz.

Rivers completes a perfect throw on a long out-route to Chambers, then throws a Romo-balloon for an interception. I can't figure this guy out. Norval can't figure this guy out.

3rd and 1 for San Diego with 16 seconds left. Rivers chucks it 15 yards out of bounds, and I think it's James Sanders who gives the incomplete signal like a) he's done something to cause the incompletion or b)it's unclear what's happened. Well done, sir.

Kaeding comes in for a FG. Nants says, "Belichick's going to ice him. Watch this," like it's coaching genius. Evidently Kaeding's got a suspect postseason kicking resume. "That's why Belichick called the time-out," says Simms. No, dude. Every coach has a brain fart as soon as a kicking runs onto the field and there is little time on the clock. Bill's a genius!!!

Okay, I'm so fucking sick of the "Can you hear me now" guy. I thought the first "Can you hear me now" commercial was pretty, um, I don't know, not very clever. But it stuck, unfortunately, and Verizon said, "Hey, this is our thing," and I hate them.

14-12 Patriots. The Chargers are going to need 8 more FG's to win this game. That might not happen.

BradyChrist thows an int in the endzone. Evidently it's his first in 215 redzone attempts, and it's his third interception on the day. Cromartie is drinking too much of the Cromartie Kool-Aid. He grabs the interception five yards deep and takes it the 4.

Richard Seymour knocks Rivers to the ground after a play, and should be flagged. Kind of. Rivers pulls a Vlade it seems, but you don't shove or lower a shoulder into the QB after a play. "Who knows what Rivers was saying to Seymour," says Simms. It doesn't matter. Rivers is a douche, but Phil Simms is a bigger douche.

Junior Seau became emotional when talking about what football means to him in the Simms/Nantz pregame meeting. I hate that shit. Fuck, I hate that shit. I don't give a shit about what these clowns think about anything. What's happening on the field?!!!

"The last two times [the Patriots have] had the football, Brady's known what to do with it." - Simms

What about the rest of the day, 'cause he kind of looked like Alex Smith.

Nantz says the Pats opening 91-yard drive of the year coincided with their tribute to the memory of a fallen teammate, thereby making their Super Bowl run foreordained? I hate this shit more than the other shit. Gaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!! There is no destiny or fate or anything like that in sports! There is no overarching meaning to any of this! It's all bullshit and entertainment and God is not writing new chapters of the Bible through the 2007-08 New England fucking Patriots.

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