Sunday, January 13, 2008


I'm rooting for the Colts more than the Chargers, but fuck that non-reversal on the Rivers interception was a fucking joke. If the ball is slipping around in his hands, HE DOESN'T HAVE POSSESSION! This year more than any other seems to have included more fucked-up, blown reviews than any previous year. And what's really pissing me off is that the NFL seems to have instructed its officials to explain why or why not a reversal has been made, yet most of the referee's explanations turn out to be total bullshit. Don't placate me, Gerry Austin. Don't fucking tell me the DB had control when I can see that he did not.

I think Dan Dierdorf just said Peyton Manning's compettive juices are flowing because Tom Brady had a good game last night. Jesus. Jesus McFucking Thunderballs, Dierdorf. Are you serious?

I love the promos for tonight's "60 Minutes." "He looks like he just graduated high school, but he's the internet mogul who created Facebook." Dude, he's 23. I look like I just graduated high school and I'm almost 30. Big fucking deal. And "internet mogul?" Is this 1998? Criminey!

My Dad and I are brewing our second batch of beer this morning. It's a stout this go-round.

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